Six pillars of Commerce have started sending me weekly emails listing their top content from the previous week. I have to admit that i've only ever used Slideshare when individual slide decks have appeared in Google search results, but now that i'm receiving weekly emailers, with only high-quality content included, i'm seeing the value of content presented in slide/presentation format and will probably start searching through their top content more regularly when I have a spare 20 minutes to learn something new. 

This morning I read the Official Slideshare for What's the future of Business as it appeared at the top of my weekly email from Slideshare. In it the author, Brian Solis, describes the 6 pillars of social commerce. I've read a lot about each of these pillars before, but this is the first time i've seen these concepts describes so succinctly. I copied the bits I thought were relevant and include them below for easy reference.

1. Social Proof

When uncertain, look at what other people are doing. We look at what others are doing or have done to resolve personal insecurity when making a decision. 

2. Authority

Authority rules. Specialists' findings are highly regarded due to their expertise and authority.

3. Scarcity

Less is more. We instinctively assign greater value to resources as they become less available due to fear of potential loss. 

4. Like

Follow those you like. We emulate and agree with people we like, admire and find attractive because it helps build social bond and trust. 

5. Consistency

Stay consistent. When faced with uncertainty, we prefer options that are consistent with our beliefs and past behaviours. 

6. Reciprocity

Pay it forward. We have an innate desire to repay favours in order to maintain social fairness whether those favours were invited or not.