It is my privilege...

It is my privilege to be featured, alongside my brother and business partner, Rob, on the cover of this month's Entrepreneur Magazine. 

The last 8 years of building GetSmarter have been amongst the most influential of my life. It is no coincidence that this period of time runs in parallel to my relationship with my wife, Keri.

This feature is recognition for all the people who have been a part of building GetSmarter - from my parents who gave us a base to build from, to the team members who have been so much more than their job descriptions along the way, to the Faculty members at the University of Cape Town who put their trust in us, to the giants I have had the privilege to learn from - Dan Devine, Mark Lamberti, Dale Williams and Verne Harnish and the Gazelles Team, and the 280+ people who make up the formidable team that is GetSmarter today.

We're on our way to improving 1 million lives through better education.

Onwards and upwards.

Here is the full article below. Click on the image to expand it to full screen: