Positions available in Cape Town at portfolio companies

Since opening our Family Office in 2018, we have made investments in the following companies who are currently hiring for roles based in Cape Town:

While these organisations are distinct in their stages of growth, specific culture and the people they serve, they are all well led, high-growth companies that value their team members and their individual and collective growth. These are the sort of organisations where capable, thoughtful, hard-working individuals can grow their careers and thrive.

Their broader set of vacancies are available here (Yuppiechef), here (Hubble Studios) and below (Johno’s Fitness Faculty). And here are a few key hires I wanted to share in this post:

Johno’s Fitness Faculty

This startup team is hiring for two high potential positions to work in a small but high growth team. Successful candidates would be both leading the thinking and doing the work in their portfolios.

Copywriter / Social Media Exec

Lead the company in all aspects of copywriting, and spearhead adjacent email marketing and social media campaigns.

Graphic Designer / Videographer

Lead the company in all aspects of graphic design and video production. Will be responsible for working with the team to deliver on design and video collateral designed to help clients successfully complete their 14-week program.

Hubble Studios

Chief Development Officer

The Chief Development Officer main role will be to grow revenue by delivering on Business Development agendas. More here.


Hiring for two senior roles: Head of Finance and Head of Operations. Message me for more.